Sunday, 27 November 2011


A quick sketch I wanted to put up before anime week. Tintin now 40 years old and hunting nazis

Friday, 25 November 2011

Next Time On Apparently Artist...?

I think John still has one to put in, but for now (When we get time around all our deadlines) I humbly sumbit the next round:

The first Anime or Anime series I ever watched. Or the first series you saw after you realised what Anime was. I grew up watching Astro Boy and Samurai Pizza cats. But after I learned that it was a particular form of animation from Japan it was a different series.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Doody Rooster

First Round:
Pencil - Naomi
Ink - Eoin
Colour - John
Lettering - Dave

Second Round:
Pencil - Keith
Ink - Naomi
Colour - Eoin
Lettering - John

Third Round:
Pencil- Eoin
Ink- John
Colour - Keith
Lettering- Naomi

Fourth Round:
Pencil- Dave
Ink - Keith
Colour - Naomi
Lettering - John

Fifth Round:
Pencil - John
Ink - Dave
Colour - ?
Lettering - Keith

Friday, 4 November 2011

Turtle n' Rabbit

So here's my entry to this week's 'TMNT' theme, featuring Leonardo from the Turtles battling it out side-by-side with Miyamoto Usagi from Usagi Yojimbo in ancient feudal Japan, a predicament that happened fairly often in the comics and shows. Might come back to colour this at some point as I like how it came out.
Now onto what I should rightfully be working on - college assignments due next week!

Til' next time folks...

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The continuing adventures of 64057 posts stuff he already had in a sketchbook!

Previously; BATMAN!

In tonight's episode; TMNT!!!

"Charcoal and Chalk on Friend's Wall"

Friend - "So this will just wash off yeah?"
Me- "Pretty sure it will."
After 5 hours of scrubbing he put a wall hanging over it.

I'd like to finish this one with some ink later.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Okay it's been a few years since I looked at the script, and it's a lot longer then I thought. If we were to make the full script it would be about 20 pages, so I edited the main bits together for our practise run. So once that's done we have a longer short to produce, so it works out kinda neatly.
Additionally, this was written as a short animation so the panel layout and panels per page will be up to whoever is on pencils. If we need an extra page or two on top of the intended four or five to get it right then it's how it goes.
Ideally I'd like to see each job taking two or three days as we're learning.

Cigarettes and Bus Stops.

 Chic C- A pale skinned 19 year old girl  about 5" 4'with dark blue, edged with red around hair tied back with black cloth, the ends of which, as with her hair, just below the shoulder.  She has large black eyes that are usually found to be half closed, giving the impression that she is perpetually waking up.
When not occupied with something Chic C can found leaning against a wall, a chair, someone heavier than her.  Her posture and body langue betray none of her latent watchfulness. Only her tendency to stare sideways at people when talking to them, sizing them up, gives any impression of her calculating nature.
She wears a dark green arm jack that about 2 sizes too big with a white fake fur trim around the hood. She wears a sleeveless black t-shirt with a thick orange stripe running from one shoulder to the other. She has fingerless ski gloves that mirror her shirt in design. She wears loose Navy blue jeans that have that pliable worn look to them. Her converse are the only items that ever look like they hadn't been put through a tumble dryer. With a rock. With only ever a few scuffs to be seen.
She also never seems to be affected by the cold. When others breath is steaming around them, hers does not.

D- A man in his mid 20's about 5"11' with dark blue eyes and shaggy brown hair and appears not to have shaved in a few days. His eyes are sharp and watchful and looks alert at all times. He stands straight yet relaxed with easy and confident movements. He wears a long black coat, blue jeans with a well worn look, a dark green hoodie and black boots. 
The bus stop – The shelter of the bus stop is about four meters long and about two meters high with a depth of about a meter and a half, sufficient to house about 10 people standing close together. It stands in front of a wall about half a meter high that itself is on the crest of a hill that leads to a path banked by thick evergreens. Beyond that path lay a fenced in football field. The road in front of the stop is a roundabout  in a reversed D shape that comes of the road leading from the tow to the highway. There's the usual amount of litter around the place, crisp packets, cigarette butts and crushed cans. The only source of light are the sickly yellow street lights that sometimes flicker.

[V/O] is voice over but here its inner monologue.
open on a girl standing to the left of a bus stop. Its raining lightly.
Chic [V/O]
I bet if this were in slow motion, this would look real intense.
She takes out her phone and looks at it. She then rolls her shoulders, obviously irritated and verging on impatience, puts the phone away again.
Chic [V/O]
Eleven thirty five… depression sets in. I shouldn't be here. Fuck, is this even the right stop?
She looks around irritably.
 She begins to call someone under the name "Fable" then hear movement behind her. She cancels the call and slips the phone back into her pocket.
There is now a guy standing at the other end of the shelter. And looks at Chic C looking at him and smiles.
Chic [V/O]
Something at least a little more interesting.
 D pulls out a cigarette and lights it.
Sorry, but you wouldn't maybe, possibly, at all have a spare smoke?

D offers her his last smoke.
if you're sure…
gonna get smoked now or later. And if I'm lucky that's the one that kills me.

She takes the smoke and lights it.
Chic adopts a mock indignant tone
So it's okay for me to die instead of you? Charming.
 Chic gives D her lighter. After the smoke is lit, he absently pockets the lighter.
You'll be fine. It's the that kills me, yours is still on the way.
Chic [V/O]
So far my dude in shining whatever.
So, what do you do when your not waiting on buses?
Chic [V/O]
what doesn't make a person, it's the who. Too bad. You were doing really well up till now.

Chic gains a note of irritation in her voice.
This and that. Mostly That on days like This.
Okay, where bouts do you live? You on campus in the college?
After so smoothly evading talking about work, you think I'm going to tell ou where I live? Ease up cowboy. The funny was working.
I just think your interesting.
Chic just looks flatly at him to end this interaction.
Spiders are interesting.
She flicks away the cigarette and without thinking, takes out another and lights it. She freezes after lighting her smoke and sees D looking at her with a considering expression.
she sees his right eye begin to quiver. Chic stares at it as D's eye falls out and lands in a puddle between them.
They both look down at it and then back up at each other.
Sorry, I really didn't want you to see that.
 Chic looks at him in disbelief.
look on the bright side. You never really have to know.
 D's jaw then dislocates and opens wide to show row upon row of shark-like teeth.
Chic steps back and from the inside pocket of her coat draws out a playing card with her left hand. On the card are a few rune like symbols drawn on it.
She flashes a smile, bites the thumb of her right hand and smears some blood on the card and it begins to smoulder.
D looks very confused.
On the downside, you’ll never know.
Chic flicks the card at D's face and it explodes and sends D reeling back
 D tenses for a lunge, half his face blown off and underneath where muscle should be, there is grey flesh and where is remaining eye was, there is just a gaping hole.
 Chic flicks a hand at him and a number of ice shards fly into D's chest. A crawling frost encases his body.
 Chic smashes him with a kick and the pieces fly into the street and rain, already becoming little more than fading red lumps in the water.
 Chic takes out her phone and calls number under "Fable" again.
I got one on main street. I think it was the one that's been feeding around the college.
 The bus pulls up to the stop and opens up the doors and Chic walks on. She walks up the stairs.
Next time Sparks gets the graveyard shift.
 Chic moves to a seat and sits down with a thick squelching sound. She looks down and winces.
Chic [V/O]
Goddamn public transport.