Saturday, 29 October 2011

Thunderbirdcats Go! Are

Hey there cats and kittens, this is kind of a formal announcement from Apparently Artists...?

After some discussion about what it is we really want to do here, we came up with a fairly simple premise: to inform and entertain.

So here is the brief version of our brief history:
All the contributors go to the same college. Some of us started this year, other have been in the college before. The enigmatic Naomi found a couple of people in college that had erratic brain wave activity in a fashion not unlike her own. She checked out their brains and brought them together  like the least dramatic superhero team origin story ever (someone has got to draw that).

Given that we are a new group and are very much figuring this out as we go along, we are going to throw pretty much everything we do as far as step process go on this blog so anyone reading this can try it out and have this blog as a resource for getting their own group together or creating a solo project I don't know I'm not gonna tell you what to do shut up.

To get a sense of timeframes and how much time can be spent on a project, what we are going to do is produce the same short comic five times with each of us handling a different aspect of production each time. It also means we each can do a job if another contributor is unable to. The script will be posted on Monday followed by the roster.

We're pretty excited with this venture and we hope you enjoy following us along too.

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